Applied Brilliance 2015
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Lifelines: How Storytelling Can Save Humanity:
Unintended Consequences + Hidden in Plain Sight

It's no longer enough to just build a building, design a space, create an app, open a retail store, lead a business. We live in a global culture of too much stuff, too many choices, too much information, too many facts; and limited insight. It's all becoming a blur of commoditization. The stories we tell shape us, transform us and give us a sense of place and space. What is the narrative that informs your work? Why are you different? How do you matter? What is the story embedded into your projects that connect with people experientially, psychologically, intellectually? Applied Brilliance presents two tracks that explore the power of storytelling as a critical underpinning for sustainable businesses, services and brands. Unintended Consequences explores how when we connect the dots, we can see how our decisions and actions cascade into surprising and valuable consequences. Hidden in Plain Sight explores how most of the answers we are looking for are right in front of us. Presenters will include an astrophysicist, philosopher, big data theoretical physicist, math genius, emerging economy developer, mind potential expert, digital visionary, Native American elder, graphic designer and the most amazing New Orleans storytellers you could hope to hear from. Lifelines is a dynamic two-day conversation on how storytelling connects, entertains and enlightens us, both professionally and personally. All attendees receive 11 CEUs.

The Event

Applied Brilliance 2015 is a festival of ideas and stories. It's an innovation boot camp balanced with entertainment and unpredictable fun. Based in New Orleans, we'll use the creative community as a backdrop to discover the secrets of this iconic city. We'll showcase applied brilliance on-site with field trips to spaces and places that are revitalized by performers, activists and storytellers. Plus you'll learn how to be a maker from local artisans, magicians, and voodoo artists. And the food will be lovingly prepared by culinary leaders that are redefining traditional Cajun cuisine into a brilliant fusion of past and present. Each day is capped with a spirited cocktail reception and dinner with Applied Brilliance presenters who are curated for each table to provide unpredictable, inspiring conversation.