Joseph Brophy Toledo
Cultural Leader

Joseph Brophy Toledo has served the Pueblo of Jemez in various capacities for over four decades. He has worked with numerous indigenous youth groups, his is an adjunct instructor for IAIA, he has worked for as a creative consultant for Robert Mirabal Productions, he has served on the Native American Global Sports Committee, and has been instrumental in various international indigenous projects such as Pueblo Pathways Project and he has traveled to Mexico, Canada and Africa as a First Nations representative for Earth healing and environmental conferences and efforts. As the Jemez Pueblo traditional leader and healer, he says, “I have had a lifetime of dedication to harmony and balance with the Earth. I bring the Language Immersion Program to the Walatowa Headstart at the Walatowa Riverside School, Jemez Pueblo. This program immerses the children in the stories of our culture and our traditional ways using our native language. I have been practicing herbalism and healing since I was 11 years old and believe the strongest medicine blends Western and Native practices. I have spent life as a farmer, practicing traditional farming of traditional foods. As a Youth Leadership Specialist with the Institute of American Indian Arts, I participated in cultural studies in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Tepotzlan, Mexico in 2007. I specialize in teaching the youth native survival skills such as: tool making, fire making, flint knapping, herbal medicines, building shelters and finding food. I work with the youth in natural resource management planning teaching the philosophy that we all share air, water, food and natural resources so we have and inherent and instinctual connection to the Earth. As Lieutenant Governor for Pueblo of Jemez, I hosted the first Native American Sports Convention with the U.S. Olympics Committee, in 1993.” He is currently Cultural Consultant, Flower Hill Institute, Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.

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