Applied Brilliance LLC offers consulting services to promote innovation and creativity in companies and organizations seeking effective ways to convey to their customers, employees and other stakeholders how emerging trends and major cultural shifts affect their businesses.

Using a holistic, systems-thinking approach, Applied Brilliance provides actionable content looking in from outside of an industry by applying the brilliance of a range of experts who solve problems with fresh perspectives and collaborative insights.

Applied Brilliance produces customized events, leadership training, and professional experiences designed as live theater performances that inspire, inform, confound, provoke and transform its participants.

Applied Brilliance Models
The Shape of the Future

Where do executives turn for inspiration? Where do marketing experts go for the next big idea? How do creative directors stay fresh, innovative and inventive? And, how do business professionals stay in touch with global and cultural trends that affect the future of their profession? They attend an Applied Brilliance event.

Applied Brilliance can create a unique forum for you that reveals critical trends and cultural shifts that impact consumers in context of your specific industry sector. All forums are customized to address the range of issues that influence and impact your particular marketplace. Through an outside-looking-in approach, we build content that uses an interactive Socratic technique to give meaning and relevance to emerging trends that influence how your customers will behave and how you can better manage your business in a world moving at warp speed.

Innovate and Create

Applied Brilliance can produce an innovation event that will inform, inspire, confound, provoke and transform. The forum is designed to help you understand how consumers are changing, with a cross-disciplinary program featuring thought leadership experts who will speak on a range of topics that reflect the fundamental changes in how people work, live and play. The presentations focus on actionable information that attendees can use in creating products and services that are in touch with consumers’ changing wants and needs.

This dynamic event connects brilliant thought leaders with key members of your creative, marketing, development and strategic planning teams to promote innovation and creativity through holistic problem solving. We offer a morning, day or multiple-day format to engage key stakeholders in an original and creative process of innovating new products, services, markets and management systems. All events are customized to meet your specific marketing and communications needs. A high level of quality interactivity and networking is embedded in every event.

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