Applied Brilliance produces an annual conference that helps us shape our future and understand the present. How? We bring together a community of the intellectually curious and independent thinkers who work alongside brilliant presenters from the hard sciences, humanities and social sciences.

  • By bridging the fields of tech, neuroscience, theoretical physics, chemistry, nano, bioscience, big data and astrophysics with the world of philosophy, art, cultural anthropology, psychology, literature, and poetry, Applied Brilliance offers the best not-yet-famous minds from the next generation and our venerable, established elder thought leaders to inspire, inform, provoke and surprise us.
  • We identify emerging trends. We debate critical cultural shifts. We uncover what’s hidden in plain sight. And we celebrate the original work from all generations that is changing our global society.
  • We apply the brilliance of our presenters to solving problems outside of their disciplines, and in turn, our audience contributes their innovations to the solution.
  • Applied Brilliance is a fresh conversation that reveals how, when brilliance is applied, we have the will and the power to shift how we think, feel and behave.
  • Brilliance is unique because it is dedicated to transforming ideas into life events that serve people.

Our annual conference is devoted to learning, invention, creativity, and imagination. Applied Brilliance promises to make you part of the process. The program is designed to connect you with brilliant presenters; engage you in interactive dialogues, and propel you into the future. We also produce one-day events and Salons — all designed to expand the Applied Brilliance experience locally.

Applied Brilliance reveals the most important emerging trends through the filter of brilliant thought leaders ranging from poets, philosophers and economists, to scientists, artists and futurists.  They make sense of the complexity we face every day and untangle the mysteries of some of the most challenging questions of our interconnected global society.  Through a systems-thinking approach, speakers and attendees engage in spontaneous, interactive dialogue problem-solving exercises that investigate, question, and reveal solutions to some of our most interesting life-design problems.


Brilliance is unscripted and unrehearsed. It is small, intimate, authentic. It is an opportunity to collaborate personally with a cross-disciplinary group of brilliant minds and solve problems with them. It is an open platform to celebrate the intersection between emerging thinkers and established thought leaders. It is a stage for the ideas and work that shape the future and explain the present.


You will find answers to shaping your future and understanding the present. Everyone is equal. You will have access to, and engage personally with brilliant presenters for two full days in a dynamic, transformative environment. You will use systems thinking and solutions to enhance your life professionally and personally. You will experience applied brilliance firsthand in a stimulating and supportive community. You will contribute to a unique live theater experience. You will be awed, challenged, entertained, dazzled and ultimately, transformed. If you want to know what’s next and how to shape your future, you need to be part of our conversation.

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