Aspen Mirabal
Student: Birth work, agriculture, Pueblo culture

Born and raised on the dusty Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico, Aspen (21years old) is the proud daughter of Robert Mirabal. She toured extensively throughout The United States, performed in Japan, and parts of Central and South America, as a dancer and singer with her father, a three time grammy award winner, farmer, author, artist. With a background in classical music, Aspen spends her time studying and experimenting with the unique sounds of the South American Andes, and ceremonial medicine songs of the world, and creating art. However, her true passion lies in the sacred realm of birth. Working as a postpartum doula and aspiring midwife, her desire is to reintroduce the ritualistic customs of birth work back in to her community. She is a servant of corn and as the eldest of two sisters, she continues to dedicate herself to the understanding and maintenance of the traditional agrarian culture of Taos Pueblo in hopes to keep it alive—always by educating and inspiring community members and youth the importance of corn and the culture in this new era.

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