Tracy Kosa
Privacy Advocate

Tracy Ann Kosa is a privacy advocate, practitioner and researcher. She’s currently a a Principal Product Manager Technical at Alexa Privacy at Google. Prior, she was a staff privacy engineer at Google, and recently finished a post-doc program at Stanford University on predicting privacy regulation. Prior to that, Dr. Kosa ran the global privacy compliance program at Microsoft and served on the City of Seattle’s Privacy Advisory Committee. Originally from Canada, she focused on Canadian public sector privacy working in privacy across the Government of Ontario in education, health, social services while serving as a member for multiple groups and advisory committees, including the TAHSN research hospital network, the University of Toronto’s Research Ethics Board and Privacy Practitioners Community of Practice. She chaired the Program Advisory Committee for the Information Security diploma program for York University at Seneca College, taught Canadian political science labs at Ryerson University and information systems labs at UOIT.

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