About The Great AI Debates

Applied Brilliance and the NYU Tandon Future Labs are collaborating on a series of provocative conversations on AI, machine learning and how cutting-edge technologies are impacting us professionally and personally.

We’ll take deep dives into some of the most controversial topics of our time: work, smart cities, security, wellbeing and a host of other AI themes. Focused at the intersection of commerce, culture, academia, society, government, technology and humanity, these unscripted dialogues are designed to start a conversation with colleagues, family, friends and the people who are about to be the most affected by one of the most profound changes our society has ever experienced.

Each Debate will tackle a specific issue in the cultural conversation, framed by the impact and influence of AI. Brilliant experts including data scientists, applied artificial intelligence practitioners, philosophers, social ethicists, economists, cultural anthropologists, architects, neuroscientists, psychologists and business executives will discuss the real-world implications of AI. The conversations bridge theory to practice applying strategies we can use to ensure we survive – and thrive – in this impending time of tectonic changes.



Are the Robots Coming for Our Jobs?

We are living in the most extraordinary time in human history. World population has doubled over the past 50 years – as the populations of corporations and organizations have diversified in unprecedented ways. Global GDP has grown a staggering 59 times since 1960; from $1.37 trillion to nearly $81 trillion today. Technology has been the catalyst for every major societal and economic change in history. Automobiles created the suburbs. Electricity chased away the dark. The smartphone changed…well, everything. And now we find ourselves living in the Age of AI. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: “AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on. I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire.”

What will AI impact? The short answer: Everything.

What will the near future of work look like? According to researchers at Oxford University, 47% of U.S. jobs are in imminent risk of automation. Most experts agree that commonplace professions today will likely become obsolete in the near tomorrow. Accountants, attorneys, radiologists and warehouse workers are already being augmented – and sometimes supplanted – by artificial intelligence. So, what’s a human to look forward to? As organizations hand over tasks to more cost-efficient robots and bots, what will the impact be to the economy, society — and you?

About the NYU Tandon Future Labs

Launched in 2009 by NYU Tandon School of Engineering, the Future Labs help define the startup support model and shape the tech ecosystems of New York City. A network of innovation spaces and programs, the Future Labs support early-stage ventures launching cutting-edge technology products, creating jobs, and diversifying New York’s economy. To date, 100+ companies have graduated from the programs. For more information, visit futurelabs.nyc

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First Debate: Are the Robots Coming for Our Jobs?

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